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The landscape in America is changing. The American College has redefined financial planning for advisors serving the ever-evolving American demographic by offering the most advanced financial planning program today. Not only will you learn the essentials of financial planning, but the all new ChFC® program has added content to its curriculum to address current topics such as: Behavioral Finance, Special Needs Planning, Small Business Planning, Financial Planning for clients in the LGBT Community, Financial Planning for Divorce and much more. We invite you to explore the curriculum and learn for yourself how this is the most advanced financial planning designation on the market today — serving every person, every need.

ChFC® Curriculum

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Learn with Dr. Craig W. Lemoine, CFP®, in our Web Event.

Craig discusses the changing landscape in America today and how The American College is redefining their curriculum to help advisors all across the country serve the American demographic.



To Register Call: 888-263-7265